YUM-YUMMSKI! 64 healthy recipes

(Blueberry and lemon zest muffins)

The Mediterranean Blue

(Chocolate caramel muffins)

The Guilty Pleasure

(“Carrot cake” energy cookies)

The Self-Tanner

(Chocolate and hazelnut muffins)

My Vegan Valentine

(Pumpkin cake)

The Pumpk-Incredible

(Pecan and date muffins)

The Date with Destiny

(Cocoa, nut, and whole grain energy cookies)

The Did Somebody Say Brownies?

(Puffed rice and almond butter bars)

The Rice and Shine

(Apple and cinnamon energy cookies)

The Appley Ever After

(Peanut butter and blueberry energy cookies)

The Oo-Lâlâ

(Banana nut energy cookies)

The Almost-Banana Bread

(Date square balls)

The Date for the Ball

Toffee bit and blueberry energy cookies

The Blue Mood

(Banana and coconut energy cookies)

The Let’s Go Bananas

(Blueberry, sunflower seed, and quinoa loaf)

The Alter and Go!