Chocolate Halloween cookies

The Boooooo

Yum yumski! I want to do it!

(Oats and other little wonders)


Yum yumski! I want to do it!

Soy and chocolate

EL Volcano V

Yum yumski! I want to do it!



Order now!

(Cake with . . . Easter leftovers)

The Leftovers are Madover


(Raspberry, coconut and chocolate)

Oh! Bomba Rosaaa, the muffin

I want to cook it!

The Latest Recipes With no added sugar or fat, as always. Yum-yummski!

About Madame Labriski...

Madame Labriski’s real identity is Mériane Labrie. A mother, entrepreneur and marathon runner (yup, you heard right, 42.2K), she is highly creative as well as completely gung-ho and believes that anything in life is possible. One day, when searching for recipes, she was amazed at the lack of truly healthy snacks and decided to follow her gut feeling, put on her apron and get down to creating what would ultimately become madamelabriski.com – The energy cookies that are the talk of the town.

In 2016, her first yellow book (Ces galettes dont tout le monde parle – in French) sold nearly 100,000 copies in one year.

On the menu: energy cookies, granola bars, muffins, cakes, amazing icing and even recipes to help maximize recovery after strenuous exercise. What’s more, it features GLUTEN-FREE, DAIRY-FREE, NUT-FREE and EGG-FREE options. Madame Labriski provides recipe ideas that are chock full of health benefits, never have added sugar or fat and, more importantly, all taste divine. Hooray for date puree!

Take care of yourself and fuel your body with Labriskis!

Mériane Labrie also co-founded the conceptual design company 21 grammes – Donnez de l’âme à votre marque.

Mériane Labrie

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