An entrepreneurial fairy tale

The story of a woman with a thirst for innovation, her wooden spoon and a vision of changing the world. A Canadian, Quebec-based business that proudly wages war on refined sugar.

Let’s sweeten everything with date puree!


Because the time has come to bring about change is the world of nutrition. There’s simply too much refined sugar everywhere and in everything.

Dates are dried fruit with a neutral taste and they are packed with natural sugar. Unlike refined sugar, dates are very high in dietary fibre, and that’s why they can keep us going for long periods of time.

It’s so good, it’s almost magical.
Three cheers for date puree!

– sugar and + fibre

– processed foods and + happiness

The history of Madame Labriski Inc.

4 bestselling cookbooks, 12 food products, 50 conferences a year, 1 series of children’s books, 1 woman and her vision.

Once upon a time, there was a motivated and inspired Madame, mother and amateur marathon runner who wanted to be able to indulge in healthy treats guilt-free. Armed with her wooden spoon, she established, a destination with no added fat and sweetened with date puree.

She has written bestselling cookbooks that are translated into English and published in Europe, gives consecutive talks about surpassing oneself across Quebec and in the Maritimes, develops food products that are as wholesome as they are delicious in her quest to change eating habits, has won awards for food innovation and entrepreneurship and, more inspired than ever, has decided to conquer the world…. a world sweetened with date puree.

Driven by an uncanny kind of energy, she lives happily, works hard and has marked the history of nutrition by saying bye-bye to refined sugar and hello to date puree.

Psst! She jokingly claims she was kidnapped by E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial… which would help explain the source of all her delicious ideas and unflagging energy.

Vision: To change the world one spoonful of date puree at a time.

My mission: to reduce the consumption of refined sugar to improve the health of everyone on the planet... and make them feel good.

From personal project... to incorporated business


  • Participation in her first marathon (42.2 km), and Madame is ravenous.


  • Participation in the Boston Marathon and first steps towards developing recipes.


  • Vision of changing the world during a bike trip in Virginia. She asserts that one day, she’ll be on Oprah talking about her company.


  • Maternity leave following the birth of her daughter Antoinette. While pampering her daughter, she works day and night on her project. Her kitchen is transformed into a laboratory. Giving birth inspires her to prove to her daughter that anything in life is possible.


  • Participation in the Chicago Marathon (3:08). She’s the first Quebec woman to cross the finishing line and returns home bursting with determination. On 12 November 2012, the first version of her blog goes online: – Ces galettes dont tout le monde parle (The cookies that are the talk of the town) and creation of the Facebook page. Nobody talks about them, but she’s convinced that one day, they will indeed be the talk of the town.
  • The advertising agency she works for as a creative copywriter closes down. She loses her job.



  • Launch of a crowdfunding campaign with LaRuche to improve her digital presence.
  • She finds out she is pregnant with a second child.




  • She signs an exclusivity agreement with Sobey’s. Introduction on the market of the first line of products: Madame Labriski date purees, available at 300 sale points across Quebec.
  • She wins her first entrepreneurship award.
  • Release of the second instant bestselling cookbook Bye-bye sucre raffiné, bonjour purée de dattes! (70,000 copies sold). These cookbooks will be published in English.
  • Start of cooking workshops at schools.


  • Arrival on the market of the second and third product lines in grocery stores: energy cookies and muffins with no refined sugar that are baked on the premises.
  • Release of the first English cookbook FUEL YOUR DAY in English Canada and the United States.
  • Launch of the first children’s book Mini Labriski – Sucrabolique!
  • Madame wins the Femmes d’affaires de l’année award in the ‘New female entrepreneur’ category and the Entrepreneur Visionnaire de l’année award.


  • Year of COVID-19, and adjustments have to be made. Madame is more motivated than ever to bring about change in the world of nutrition.
  • Release of the third cookbook in French Ces muffins dont tout le monde parle.
  • Launch of the second children’s book Mini Labriski – MentaloBéton!
  • The bakery products that were baked on the premises are withdrawn from the market. Madame rolls up her sleeves, raises the standard and, in the summer, launches two new lines of gluten-free baked products of exceptional quality: energy cookies and muffins.
  • In the fall, additional products will come onto the market.
  • The number of fans on social media surpasses 100,000.


  • January 13, release of the French cookbook Bye-bye sucre raffiné, bonjour purée de dattes! in Europe under the name of Je fais la guerre au sucre raffiné.
  • July 6, launch of the second cookbook in English Bye-bye sucre raffiné, bonjour purée de dattes! in Canada and the United-States under then name of Goodbye refined sugar!
  • Madame wins the gold medal at the Taste Canada Awards for her book Ces muffins dont tout le monde parle. 
  • Madame is selected as a Dux Award finalist for her range of gluten-free vegan cookies.


  • Madame Labriski’s line of desserts in collaboration with Boulangerie St-Donat is a finalist for the Dux 2022 grand prize in the food category.
  • In March, the Madame finds herself ranked among the rising stars in the magazine Premières en affaires. 
  • On April 7th,  Madame launches her 4th cookbook Collations Énergisantes. 
  • First conference in Europe.


To come :

  • New grocery store products coming soon
  • New podcast series (announcement to come)
  • New book launch (more information to come)
  • New conferences tour

By 2025

  • The brand will continue to help revolutionize eating habits. Madame will reconfigure the nutrition landscape and achieve her mission. Eating better is key to living better. She always says it jokingly but there’s still a grain of truth in her words, that Madame Labriski will one day be “internatioooonalllll!” She’s heading there right now and she’ll go further than the furthest point you could ever imagine. See you in a healthier tomorrow!

Madam's bio

A visionary and inspiring woman

Madame Labriski is Mériane Labrie, a woman whose life is powered by date puree. A visionary entrepreneur, author, marathon runner (3:08) and the mother of two young children. Learn more!

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