The Madame Labriski MégaRelais

Come and get your fill of endorphin happiness!
Have you heard about the Madame Labriski MégaRelais?  It’s a unique running event that takes place around the clock (day and night) over a distance of 287 km.

An ordinary race?
No at all, it’s a team relay race. Phew!

It makes a nice change from the usual road race, plus it’s not an ‘every man for himself’ kind of event but one where everyone works together for the simple pleasure of being active and striving to surpass your limits. It’s not only different, you also get that great feeling of running as a team. The Madame Labriski MégaRelais is a bit like a celebration of physical activity, good humour, laughter, tears and energy to the power of 1,000! It’s something that can’t really be expressed in words. Whether you chose to take part as a family, or between friends, neighbours or co-workers, one thing is certain: you’ll forge unique bonds and create unforgettable memories.

The objective of the race
To generate happiness and allow athletes to (re)discover the beautiful scenery in and around Quebec City in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

How it works
It’s a 100% road race with a course divided into 36 different sections, offering participants exciting sensations, one runner at a time.

The 36-section course has 35 exchange zones and 6 mega culinary exchange zones where athletes can pass the baton, recover and fuel up on energizing snacks.

We’re stronger as a team! 
This statement is so true. To participate, all you have to do is form a team of 4-6, 7-9 or 10-12 runners.

Who is eligible to participate?
All active human beings between the ages of 14 and 104 who feel like taking part in a memorable experience. Do you need to be a marathon runner? Definitely not. The only requirement is that you like to run and you’re willing to train a bit before taking on the challenge. In fact, signing up for the Madame Labriski MégaRelais is a great reason to stay motivated and keep on training.

Is it for a specific cause?
Madame is proud to say loud and clear that it champions the FitSpirit mission. Since 2018, a second activity called the FitSpirit Mother/Daughter Relay is held at the same time as the MégaRelais. Participants are invited to take up the challenge of running or walking a total of 25 km, which is divided into four relay races, with two held on the Saturday and two on the Sunday. As well as being a rallying and dynamic event, it’s a great way to help FitSpirit raise valuable funds.

FitSpirit’s main objective is to help teenage girls aged 12 to 17 discover the benefits and pleasures of being physically active. Since its founding in 2007, FitSpirit has been committed wholeheartedly to inspiring and motivating thousands of teenage girls across Quebec and Ontario to become physically active every year.

The mission of the Madame Labriski MégaRelais is to help all Quebecers stay active, but the event is very proud to also be able to partner with FitSpirit to encourage teenage girls in Quebec to keep active as well!

Feel like participating in a running event that will allow you to experience the same high emotions as a marathon without having to run an actual marathon? The Madame Labriski MégaRelais is the perfect solution, you have Madame’s word. Let’s go, go, goski!


Mériane aka Madame

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