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Madame Labriski is Mériane Labrie, a woman whose life is powered by date puree. A visionary entrepreneur, she is the author of several bestselling cookbooks and children’s books, the host of a series of conferences, a marathon runner (3:08) and the mother of two young children and the Madame Labriski Inc. brand, which also includes Mini Labriski. Phew!

Her cookbooks (over 375 000 copies sold in Quebec) have been translated into English and will be released in Europe in 2021. She has several lines of food products that contain no added refined sugar and pursues a steadfast ambition to bring about change in the food industry. The recipient of numerous awards and distinctions, her mission is to reduce the consumption of refined sugar in order to improve the health of everyone on the planet.

To explain her distinctive type of energy, she jokingly claims she was abducted by E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial in order to save the world from an overconsumption of refined sugar.

Motivated by some of the world’s greatest business success stories, she decided she wouldn’t dream her life, but instead live her greatest dream. It’s with both feet firmly on the ground and her head in the clouds that she steadily pushes forward like a tenacious marathon runner in her great quest to change the world, one spoonful of date puree at a time.

With her love for inspiring brands (she was a creative copywriter and advertising strategist before becoming Madame), her ultimate goal is to turn Madame Labriski Inc. into a brand that is strong and powerful enough to one day proudly propel athletes from Quebec and Canada into the Olympic Games.

Do you fuel your day with Labriski treats?

Mériane is also the co-founder of the advertising agency 21 grammes – Agence d’idéation.


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Photo credit : Audrey McMahon

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