We have tremendous potential

We have tremendous potential. Do you believe me? In actual fact, I’m sure (absolutely convinced) we are all the creators and actors in our own lives. Some may deny this while others embrace the infinite possibilities life holds. Which attitude have you adopted? Are you aware of just how much inner strength you have?

In one of my conferences, I jokingly say that I was kidnapped by E.T. (yes, the one you see in a bicycle basket in front of a full moon and who wanted to phone home) as an explanation for wanting to help improve the health of Quebecers, Canadians and everyone on the planet. It’s a humorous way of saying that I’m intrinsically motivated in life. I have observed and watched, eyes sparkling with hope, as the world’s “greats” achieved great things. (I always do that). The individuals, men and women, who started out with nothing and gave themselves completely. The ones who galvanize teams of other people, the ones who, through their willingness to bring about change, alter the course and pace of events.

Whether they’re artists, athletes, scientists, business people, cooks, authors, engineers or entrepreneurs, there are the types of people who inspire me. They give me the energy to strive and go even further. How do they achieve such amazing things? How do they manage to win the gold medal? Why do they build empires?

One day, I understood: it’s because they chose to do so.

It’s a free choice.

We can read all the biographies about the world’s great leaders, attend every single personal development conference, but if we don’t make that choice, for ourselves, to take things in our own hands and live the life we dream of living, well, nothing will ever happen. This life won’t just magically materialize, prince charming won’t come knocking at the door with a glass slipper to see if it fits and tell us we’ve won the lottery of life.

We don’t need to aspire to building an empire to live out our dreams. We all have our own personal goals in life. What’s unfortunate is when we don’t provide ourselves with the means to put things in place, to take the action that will allow us to live the life of our dreams.

I read a book when I was in my twenties that changed my life. It talked about the power we all have within ourselves and how we can become the person we want to be. I read it once, twice, three times. I reread it once, twice, three times, until one day I finally understood: if I wanted to get results, I had to know exactly what I wanted and take the necessary action. It seems trivial, right?

What do you do every day (yes, on a daily basis) to get one step closer to the life of your dreams? Do you have a plan? And the killer question: do you know what you want? 

Last summer, I started turning my mornings into a magical moment. Every morning, since summer 2017, I get up, I focus and I repeat the same five sentences. The same five sentences day after day. Always the same ones. Sometimes I say them out loud in the shower, sometimes I whisper them to myself. If I forget (I’m only human after all), I say them when I get back from taking my son (Adrien aged 4 and a half) to daycare or when I go for an early morning or lunchtime run. But there’s not a day that goes by when I don’t say them. All my sentences begin with “I am” followed by a projection of what I hope for in life. And do you know what? I’ve become so practiced at saying these sentences that sometimes I’m actually already saying them when I wake up in the morning. My body and my mind know, it’s like my whole being is convinced. And what’s incredible is that life is gradually putting all these things in place. It’s fascinating.

The great thing is it doesn’t cost anything to try. It’s completely free of charge.

It’s like those surprises you’d find in cereal boxes in the 80s. Hahaha!

Do you feel inspired? If so, here’s the winning recipe for adding power to your morning routine:

  • Know as precisely as possible what you want.
  • Learn to express each wish in a single sentence.
  • Begin each sentence with “I am.” For example: I am recognized as a creative woman.
  • Develop the reflex of repeating the sentences every day.
  • Put your trust in life and give it the time it needs to do its job.

Have you started reading a dozen self-help books and just don’t know where to begin? (This is something that happens so often). Choose the one that speaks to you the most personally and set the others aside. Even better, forget about them for a while. Make it your mission to focus solely on the book you’ve selected and do yourself the favour of putting into practice at least one of the things the book suggests. Once you’ve achieved it, add another one. Don’t make the mistake of trying to reshuffle everything all at once. Do things one step at a time. Wait and see, you will grow on a personal level.

As I’m praising the merits of personal motivation, I have no other choice but to talk to you about another aspect of this inner strength, and that’s the importance of combining your goals with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. I’m not saying to go out and run marathons, all I’m saying is to keep active, go for walks, go biking and do the things you enjoy in order to stay fit. You’ll already be one step closer to the life of your dreams.

So that you remember to start your day by saying your magic sentences, I suggest you try one of my most popular and easy to make banana bread recipes, the Banana-Banana breakfast loaf! Time to grab your wooden spoon!


Mériane aka “Madame”


Article from my contribution to the magazine Mieux-Être. “La puissance qui est en vous.” October 2018.

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