OH! MONKEY POO, you’ve landed in the world of Mini Labriski!

Hi, my name’s Mini Labriski. Like all children on the planet, I’ve been blessed with Super-Ultra-Powerful imagination. Except that I’ve been chosen to travel to infinity: a parallel universe where everyone has abused the powers of overconsuming refined sugar. Can you imagine? Over there, everything is super mega sweet, the trees are made of cotton candy (yum!) and the inhabitants are now all a bit wacky. I never know what day I’ll be swept away to infinity, but it always happens at 11 minutes and 11 seconds past 11 o’clock.

Madame Labriski’s not really my mom in real life. But she’s the one who decided to bring me into the world. She created me so that I could take you along on my deliciously inspiring adventures. Even though she’s a marathon runner (she runs 42.2 km marathons), her strongest muscle is the one that churns out all the ideas. She believes in the strength and power of the imagination.

As well as wanting to change the world by waging war on refined sugar, she hopes to show kids like me and you that anything in life is possible if you have the willpower and a good dose of determination. We need to take care of ourselves, eat well, stay active, have fun and do the things we love.

During my amazing adventures, I embark on missions armed with my magic wooden spoon. I take on challenges and my quests are powered by Labriskis, these special high-energy snacks like my famous Monkey Poos. Every tried making some yourself? Luckily my friends in infinity are always sending me new recipes to keep me going.

Would you like to take a trip to infinity with me?


@Illustration by AnneMarie Bourgeois

New! Children's book

New! Children's book

Mini Labriski - MentaloBéton!

Volume 2 of the Mini Labriski series (in French only). Do you have ironclad mental powers? Slimy Tadpole Egg Caramel recipe included!

Children's book

Children's book

Mini Labriski - Sucrabolique!

Volume 1 of the Mini Labriski series (in French). At 11 minutes and 11 seconds past 11 o’clock, anything can happen. Monkey Poo recipe included.

You want to make Monkey poos?

Have fun drawing Mini Labriski!

You want to draw Mini Labriski? Clique on the link and print the two drawings!

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