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Being ranked among the rising stars in the magazine Premières en affaires may not change the world but…. it’s something I’d been hoping for. In fact, I feel honoured to be on this list of Étoiles montantes, that is to say companies with a turnover of less than 5 million dollars.

The Étoiles montantes (rising stars) category is a way of showcasing companies that do not qualify for the “real” list (an annual turnover of 5 million dollars or more) but that continue to grow, and show promise of a certain degree of sustainability. Wow! Sounds nice, right? Those are the actual words used by magazine.

Out of the 55 rising stars, three were given a showcase and I’m privileged to be one of those women. It was quite a surprise and an honour for me. Yes, I’m waging war on refined sugar by sweetening everything with date puree and I’m driven by an unusual and boundless energy. And I’m also very proud to be the bearer of an inspiring message.

If I’ve managed to make it onto this list based on just a vision, then you can too.

It’s become somewhat cliché nowadays, but it’s still true that anything in life is possible… as long as you work hard and provide yourself with the means to succeed. Is it always easy? The answer is no. Does everything get done as if by magic? The answer again is no. Here is the excerpt published in the magazine, which in fact was the answer I gave to one of their questions when I was first approached to apply to be among the rising stars.

“When I became an entrepreneur, I made the conscious choice not to dream about life, and instead to turn my life into a great dream. I hope that women will dare to dive headfirst into their wildest dreams. Entrepreneurship is not always an easy choice to make, but it’s the most rewarding. I hope that young girls, tomorrow’s businesswomen, will be inspired by today’s role models. I hope that society will demand that multinationals offer as many contracts to businesswomen as they do to businessmen. I hope that my company will encourage other young girls and women to dream big and, more importantly, to follow through on their vision. Let’s hear it for businesswomen, audacity and personal fulfilment.”

When I look back on my career path, I realize that there is still work to be done. For the future editions of the magazine, I aspire to change levels, but not at any cost. I know my strengths and weaknesses. Even though I don’t come from an entrepreneurial background, I have nonetheless won several awards and honours with Madame Labriski. These statuettes have allowed me to gain confidence in myself and have confirmed that I am well and truly in the right place.

Sometimes (all the time!), people think that there are several people working at the Madame Labriski “headquarters”, but that’s not the case. There’s just a one-woman-band, an athlete of life, who has a burning desire to progress, a few random yet indispensable skills, an agent who manages my schedule of conferences and culinary workshops, and choice partners: major supermarket chains, factories, carriers and a publishing house.

It makes me laugh when people think there are 10 or 15 people working at the company. Human beings have the energy and talent to move mountains. However, you need to have the desire to move them in the first place…

I’ve already said it in one of the articles in my Webzine, but I’ll repeat myself anyway. It’s my best friend, who’s called running, and my training for marathons that showed me the path to entrepreneurship.

My heart and the little voice inside my head, that faithful duo that whispers to my instincts, tell me that Madame Labriski must take her rightful place. And there’s an even bigger place to take in order to help improve people’s health. And that’s the aspect I’ve been secretly working on…

To be continued…

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