Less sugar in the morning!

Did you know that breakfast is often a little bomb full of hidden added sugar? Why? Because it’s the one meal of the day where there’s a shocking number of high sugar foods that manage make their way onto our plate: sugary cereal, jam, chocolate milk, fruit juice, muffins, yogurt, honey, maple syrup, and the list goes on.

To be honest, it was this same observation that also prompted me to start laying the foundations of the Madame Labriski world, a world with no added refined sugar that’s sweetened date puree. Today, I feel like sharing a few ideas that will help us take one step closer to a decrease in the amount of added sugar on our breakfast tables.

5 tips to avoid sources of added sugar in the morning

  • Opt for plain Greek yogurt and flavour it with a little spoonful of vanilla, caramel or chocolate date puree. Try all four Madame Labriski date puree flavours to vary your breakfast menu!
  • Substitute your favourite spread (jam, caramel, oversweet peanut butter, etc.) with a recipe for delicious spread made with date puree and nuts.
  • Use natural oat flakes to make your morning oatmeal instead of store-bought flavoured versions and add a dash of date puree just before serving.
  • Bake homemade muffins using date puree instead of refined white sugar or brown sugar. Try one of the recipes on my website or sink your teeth into one of the exclusive recipes in my new cookbook Ces muffins dont tout le monde parle (in French only for now).
  • Don’t have time to cook? We’ve done it for you! Look for Madame Labriski’s vegan energy cookies and muffins (with no added refined sugar or fat and sweetened with date puree) available exclusively at IGA, Rachelle Béry and Marchés Tradition grocery stores.

Many thanks to my super nutritionist and athlete Isabelle Morin, PDt., MSc. for her invaluable collaboration.


Photo credit: Catherine Côté

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