5 tips to say “bye-bye” to free sugars

What exactly is a free sugar?

Free sugar is sugar that has been added to food or a natural occurring sugar in fruit that has been isolated. When the fibre in fruit has been removed, the sugar it contains is isolated, hence the name free sugar!

White sugar, brown sugar, honey, maple syrup, agave nectar and fruit juice are all sources of free sugars, as well as any foods that contain them. (Yes, because of the absence of fibre.)

Sugars that are naturally present in the composition of certain foods such as fruit and vegetables do not have the same adverse effects on human health as free sugars. The dietary fibre naturally present in these types of food traps the sugar, and therefore slows down its digestion and absorption into the body.

Dates are dried fruit that is high in natural sugar. Made into puree, they retain all their fibre and can be used as a substitute for free sugars in many homemade recipes. And that’s what the Madame Labriski magic is all about!

How can you reduce your intake of free sugars?

1) Watch what you drink! The minute a drink contains sugar, it is inevitably a free sugar. Fruit juice, soft drinks, flavoured plant-based beverages and milks, lemonade, etc. Sugar-based drinks are literally everywhere! Have you ever considered putting a little date puree in your coffee?

2) Swap your jam or caramel spread for date puree or try out a recipe for a tasty spread made from nuts and date puree. A nutritious and delicious alternative!

3) Opt for plain yogurt and add a spoonful of date puree (this is when you can choose a flavour like caramel, vanilla or chocolate) to give it a little sweetness! Store-bought flavoured yogurts contain significant amounts of added sugars!

4) Be careful about the sauces and condiments you cook with… some of them contain significant quantities of free sugars… Have you ever thought of making your General Tao sauce with date puree instead of sugar? What a delicious idea!

5) Make your own muffins, cookies and loaves at home using date puree or purchase the delicious Madame Labriski products sold at grocery stores. A quick and healthy solution, naturally sweetened with date puree!

By sweetening with date puree, you’ll still have that sweet taste but you’ll also increase your intake of fibre. It’s a simple and practical switch that’s so easy to adapt to. You or your significant other doesn’t like dates? I have great news for you: you won’t taste the dates because dates are the most neutral tasting dried fruit. Are you ready to take the plunge and shift into Madame Labriski’s date puree mode?

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