It’s such a source of pride to be on the list of 100 Quebec women entrepreneurs who are changing the world. I thought you might like to read the full article that explains the reason behind my vision, which turned into a project for a blog and eventually ended up becoming a full-fledged company. Here’s the article in question. Happy reading!


Mériane Labrie decided to make healthy eating her personal mission and she dreams of a change of course that will put health back at the heart of our priorities. Through Madame Labriski, who offers delicious recipes that contain only healthy and natural ingredients, she’s raising public awareness of the excessive consumption of refined sugar.

Madame Labriski Inc. is a multiplatform agri-food company specializing in food innovation.


The creator of inspiring content, Mériane Labrie provides delicious solutions to help wage war on refined sugar one bite, one recipe and one product at a time. “Everything is sweetened with date puree and made with only genuinely healthy and natural ingredients,” the entrepreneur explains. “Madame Labriski’s mission is to reduce the excess consumption of refined sugar… of all human beings, to help improve everyone’s health.”

“Two billion people worldwide are overweight or suffer from obesity. Why? Because of industrialization and the overconsumption of refined sugar.  Sugar is cheap, and there’s sugar in everything. And then we wonder why two billion people are overweight.”

Mériane Labrie, alias Madame Labriski, goes even further by stating, loudly and clearly, that the time has come for a major shift in the food industry. “We need to stop contributing to the overconsumption of refined sugar,” she says. “I’d like food processing companies to consider the health of consumers and not just revenues. We must introduce higher quality food products onto the market, ones with as little fat as possible, with no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours, only genuine products in eco-friendly packaging.”

Let’s introduce food products onto the market that not only taste good, but are also healthy for both consumers and our planet.


Driven by her life’s mission, Mériane Labrie programs herself for success. As they say, success starts in the mind. “I feel as though I’m exactly where I should be when I create a new recipe or come up with a new product, and I’m convinced that I’m helping to make things evolve in the food world,” she says. The entrepreneur also has long-term vision and isn’t afraid of planning for the future. “I’ve learned to look beyond the horizon, to have unshakable faith in the vision that drives me forward. In 2020, my inner voice proved to me that it was my greatest ally. I need to believe and have absolute and total confidence in my vision, all the time,” she adds. She hopes that within five years, Madame Labriski will be renowned in Canada, the United States and Europe. “My cookbooks are already crossing borders. And everything else in the world of Madame Labriski (food products, conferences, energizing content) will do so too. The success of the Quebec business model has also already started to cross borders. We’ll be everywhere, and everyone will seek the quality and originality of the Madame Labriski brand.”


Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns by developing products and recipes with no added refined sugar or fat.

By bringing about change in the world of food and the way we go about making snacks and pleasure foods such as cookies, muffins, bars and cakes, etc.




Article from a special issue of Coup de pouce magazine on entrepreneurship, L’IMPACT DES FEMMES EN AFFAIRES, March 2021. Découvrez 100 entrepreneurs d’ici qui changent le monde.

Coup de Pouce is the French-language version of the magazine Canadian Living.

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