YUM-YUMMSKI! 24 healthy recipes

Quinoa, natural peanut butter and coconut


(cranberry and almond)

The Cranberry Bliss

Strawberry and cranberry frozen lollipops

Strawberry Popskis

Plant-based protein, matcha and puffed quinoa cookies

The VegaMegaMatcha

Chocolaty chocolate frozen treats!

My Fudgeskis

Chocolate, caramel and pecan cake

The Papouski and its coulis

Lime, almond and oat cookies

A Zest of Key West

Raspberry, dark chocolate and coconut cookies

The Bomba Rosa

Figs, banana and cinnamon

The InFIGorating

Quinoa, dates, nuts & festive goodies (VEGAN and GLUTEN-FREE)

The Royal Colossus

Molasses and peanut butter or...

Grandma’s Ironclad Energy Remedy

Date puree and cacao (yep, that’s all!)


Cranberries, zucchini and pecans

The Crown of Plenty

Caramel & fleur de sel

With a Grain of Salt

Oatmeal and matcha cookies

The Maaatcha