The hidden face of Madame Labriski series
Episode 0: Introduction

Do you ever feel discouraged or overwhelmed by events? I’m 43, but in my head, I’m only 33. I became a “businesswomen” because I had this pressing need to make a difference in the world of food and I strongly believe in a healthier society.

When my daughter was born, my world turned upside down. I felt as though I’d been summoned, that I needed make a difference. How? I didn’t know yet. But there was this tremendous energy urging me forward.

It was as though all my strengths and all my talents were holding hands in a circle around propelling me forward. During my energizing conferences, I jokingly claim that I was kidnapped by E.T. in order to make a difference, and that’s my way of visualizing my inner driving force. This anger towards processed foods that come in boxes, 3 for only $6, which are so unhealthy but, let’s face it, we all nonetheless buy. This anger towards the age-old way of making sweet desserts and snacks, a way that has never evolved and has given me this strong urge to bring about change. But where does this anger stem from?

I come from a humble background. My mother’s a teacher and my dad a carpenter. My parents’ divorce was really tough. From the age of 10 to the age of 30, I played the shrink for my dad. Until one day I told him it was over, that I no longer wanted to play that role that had been imposed on me far too early and for far too long. When I turned 30, I allowed myself the luxury of putting a stop to the little game. He understood. It was over. I’d finally set my boundaries.

At the same time, the little figure skater who once dreamed of making it to the Olympics, became a woman and discovered running and the amazing power you get from the discipline needed to prepare for a marathon. Training for a marathon is like running a business: not every day is easy. The adventure is super rewarding and super energizing, but day-to-day life is full of challenges and concessions. I grew up being told “Little girl, life is far from easy.” But I quickly came up with my own personal version of that phrase I’d heard all too often. “We’re born for a small loaf of bread,” I’d joke and “One day, I’m not going to own a bakery, I’m going to have bakery franchises.” Without really knowing why I said it.

I’m going to share a little secret with you. The past few months have been very difficult at Madame Labriski Inc. Despite the contagious energy I enjoy sharing with you all, I’ve gone through a whole range of emotions and challenges. People often say to me: “Ah, but it’s easy for you, you’re Madame Labriski” – but if only you knew all the effort that goes into this great adventure. Managing phenomenal growth while wearing several different hats brings its share of daily challenges. You experience ups that are very high and downs that are very low. You take risks. My life has nothing to do with my hubby’s, and most people’s, 9 to 5. Being an entrepreneur is a way of life. It’s not better, it’s just different. In truth, I love what I do so much that I never feel as though I’m really working… even if some say I work all the time. I’d like the days to be longer, for them to have 72 hours instead of 24.

If I wasn’t such a keen runner, I don’t know whether all this would have been possible. As I often say, preparing for marathons showed me the path to entrepreneurship.  Marathon training has taught me about perseverance, endurance and the magic of firmly believing in hard work. (Because yes, you always reap what you sow.)

Even though I don’t have the time, training is part of my schedule. It’s a date I make with myself. Therefore, I do have the time. It’s too easy to say we don’t have time. The benefits of sport are far too important to me, just like the benefits of dates. Hahaha!

At the moment, even though there’s not really much room in my schedule, I’m registered for a marathon planned for this fall. With the pandemic, I don’t know whether it’ll take place or not, but I’ve signed up. At the same time, I have lots of projects on the table right now and I’ve just had my first glimpse of a potential “magical” opportunity. Will I have time to properly prepare? I don’t know. I’m a little doubtful at the moment.

But being registered enables me to see beyond the horizon. Every time I’ve signed up for a sporting event, my preparation has allowed me to evolve as an individual. And yes, I’m 43 and I still can’t even believe that I’m now in my forties. In my heart and mind, I’m only 33 and in my body, I’d say 27. That must be the magic of loving what you do in life. Eternal youth for all those who truly love their way of life… despite the ups and downs. How do you feel about that idea? It’s energizing, wouldn’t you say?

What do you think I should do?

Should I fit preparing for the marathon into my busy schedule?

If I do, I’ll need to come up with some more mega energizing recipes, right?

Now, that sounds like a good idea to me.

To be continued…



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