Eating fruits and vegetables has never been easier

Hey, it’s Jessica, founder of Same!

Today I am taking control of Madame Labriski’s webzine, and I am presenting to you SAME.BIO. THE innovative solution for 56% of the Quebec population who does not consume enough fruit and vegetables. Are you one of these people? I was too, but not anymore!

It is not always easy to adopt healthy eating habits. So how can we increase our fruit and vegetable consumption? Even with a lot of willpower, vegetables just aren’t as seductive as a small muffin or a big slice of pizza. The problem is that we have no choice but to incorporate fruits and vegetables into our diet if we want to avoid health problems such as depression, digestive issues, metabolic disorders, etc.

Here at Same, we specialize in creating a mix of dehydrated fruits and vegetables reduced to powder (a super cool process that involves removing the water while conserving all the vitamins and minerals). Our mission: help you achieve better health by facilitating the addition of fruits and vegetables into your daily diet.

Here are 5 good reasons to add Same to your daily life :

  1. A short list of organic, natural and quality ingredients grown in Quebec and Canada
  2. Exceptional nutrition values, a good source of potassium, a very high source of fibre, a very high source of vitamin A & E
  3. An alternative to food waste
  4. An eco-responsible choice from content to container (100% compostable bags)
  5. Madame Labriski LOVES THEM!!!!!!

What do we do with it?

This small nutritional powder ALLERGEN-FREE is ideal for adding to all your favourite snacks : yogurts, oatmeal, muffin mixes, smoothies, homemade salad dressings, etc. In short, our mixtures are easily added and enhance the protein, fibres, vitamins and minerals in your meals and snacks. Same is like salt and pepper… but healthy! You can add it everywhere and dose it to your liking.

PS : It is not nothing, as a single tablespoon of the Same mix contains up to 1 serving of fruits and vegetables. You read that right, it’s HUGE!

But why eat powdered vegetables?

Behind each product hides a story, sometimes a very personal one! For a long-time, I was drawn to diet plans that claimed to offer the miracle solution for weight loss. In this context, I developed an eating disorder: binge eating, which is characterized by episodes where one can eat an excessive amount of food uncontrollably and compulsively. I, who was always trying different diets, had to learn to reconcile with myself and with food. It was during this period in my life that I realized the difficulty I had naturally incorporating – for pleasure – fruits and vegetables into my daily diet. So, I created THE product that was missing in my life.

It goes without saying that one of the core values at Same is health. However, we also recognize that certain societal pressures tend to make us view healthy habits as a chore. The idea is not to replace your fresh fruits and vegetables, on the contrary, we encourage you to listen to your body and savour the gustatory pleasures of food. With that said, if you feel like your well-being would benefit from eating more fruits and vegetables, we are proposing a simple, effective solution that is in harmony with your needs.

Ah, I must also tell you a secret about our nutritional mixes…If you have young children (or even very very difficult teenagers), Same will without a doubt change your life. Every week, I receive so many testimonials from moms saying that their kids LOVE Same. It is a SUPER nutritious product in addition to amusing the little ones with its vibrant colours!

By eating vegetables, YOU are also making a difference in your community!

In addition to being a Quebec-based eco-responsible business, choosing and consuming Same is giving back to your community. Knowing that it is often difficult for accommodation organizations to have access to fresh and nutritious products, my team and I have given ourselves the social mission of rendering the consumption of fruits and vegetables more accessible for these accommodation centers in Quebec. My objective is the following: that each sheltered person can benefit from a healthy and balanced diet by having access to our nutritional mixtures. Everyone deserves their daily serving of fruits and vegetables!

That’s why for each bag purchased, we donate the equivalent of one portion to a person in need.
How ? By establishing partnerships with various accommodation organizations in Quebec.

Have I convinced you to embark on the adventure? You can find our products directly on our online store .

As Mériane AKA Madame Labriski would say : Let the energy be with you.


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