The culinary presentation -
The Ultra-effective post-workout recovery

Madame Labriski talks while preparing some of her best post-workout recovery recipes. With her love for running, she knows that eating well is key to maximizing recovery after physical activities.

Driven by her boundless enthusiasm and armed with a wooden spoon, Madame Labriski takes pleasure in revealing her culinary secrets. On the menu: laughs, surprises, tastings and the answers to all your questions. A moment of pure happiness, sweetened with date puree.

Length: 50 minutes

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About Madam

A visionary and inspiring woman

Madame Labriski is Mériane Labrie, a woman whose life is powered by date puree. A visionary entrepreneur, an author, a host of a series of conferences, a marathon runner (3:08) and the mother of two young children.

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