Healthy Date Squares

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The best date squares in the whole wide world in collaboration with Boulangerie St-Donat!

Finally! Madame has her very own date squares with no added sugar. You’ve been asking me for them for ages and they’re now here: this is your new everyday dessert that’s as wholesome as it is delicious. Date squares for breakfast? What a scrumptious idea. These dream date squares contain, per 75g serving, when compared to a conventional product:

  • 79% less sodium,
  • 28% less sugar,
  • 23% less carbohydrates,
  • 43% more fibre and
  • 100% burst of joy.

Can you imagine? The pure pleasure of indulging, guilt-free, with every bite


  • Sweetened with date puree
  • No artificial flavours or colours
  • 500 g of happiness

Keep frozen at -18°C and refrigerate for up to 14 days once defrosted.


Dates, Water, Rolled oats, Sugar (date puree (dates, water)), Whole wheat flour, Canola oil, Coconut oil, Ground flaxseed, Baking powder, Sodium bicarbonate, Salt. Contains: Oats, Wheat. May contain: Milk, Eggs, Soy, Pecans, Walnuts, Sulphites. May contain pits.

Nutrition facts

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