The Talkski

The Conferenski

Lunettes_MLA talk given by Madame Labriski is a total energy boosting moment. The topics addressed include running, pushing back one’s personal boundaries, the hidden potential that lies within each and every one of us and, of course, the importance of providing the body with healthy sources of energy. On the menu: date puree and Labriski recipes. More often than not, everyone ends up feeling more motivated and energized than ever. GO! GO! GO!

Hip hip hooray! Everybody gets to enjoy a tasty Labriski. Yum-yummski!

Duration : 60 to 90 minutes

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: Live culinary demonstrations, healthy eating presentations, energy cookie workshops, recipe development, Madame Labriski is always ready and willing!


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Feel like offering your guests a healthy snack or treat? Feel like offering your guests a healthy snack or treat?  Would you like to order 60 or more Labriski energy cookies for a special event?  Our cookies are available in two sizes: 70 g or 30 g. We have 5 different but all equally delicious cookies to choose from.  *Minimum order of 50 energy cookies.

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Miss. Oatykins

(oats, cranberries and ginger)


Did Someone Say “Brownies”?

(fibre, love and chocolate)


The Bear Mitt

(bear paw style molasses energy cookie)


The Peanut Piggy Wiggy

(fibre, chocolate and peanuts)


The Chocogo

(chocolate and protein: post-workout recovery cookies)


The Nutty Bear Mitt

(molasses, pecans and raisins)