• Preparation
    5 minutes

  • Cooking

  • Power

  • Quantity
    Two 250-ml servings

Strawberrilicious Milkshakeski(Milk, strawberry and vanilla)

A refreshing, milk-based beverage that’s right up there with the world’s best strawberry milkshakes.

My daughter doesn’t like to drink milk but she loves other kinds of milk-based drinks like strawberry frappuccinos (caffeine-free, of course.) So, I decided to tick all the boxes for her with my take on the famous drink, but one that DOESN’T CONTAIN ANY ADDED REFINED SUGAR or any kind of powder whatsoever. And it’s got a great slushy texture to boot. Is there such a thing as a healthy strawberry milkshake? You bet. Hahaha! Made with vanilla date puree, this milkshakeski has a delicious strawberry-vanilla taste. Plus, there are only three ingredients in the recipe. After drinking her first glass, Antoinette came right back for more. Mission accomplished.


  1. Wash your hands properly.

  2. Put all the ingredients in your blender.

  3. Blend well until the ice cubes have a slushy texture.

  4. Pour into glasses.

  5. Enjoy.

  6. Beware! Drinking this milkshakeski could make you see the world through rose-coloured glasses.

Storage (in a airtight container)

  • Ideally, it’s best to drink it right away.

Did I tell you? Milkshakeskis are so easy to make and Antoinette loves them so much I make her them for breakfast. Now she loves having her serving of milk. Hahaha! Personally, I have an intolerance to dairy products so I make mine with any plant-based beverage I have on hand at home. By the way, if you want to boost the amount of protein, how about adding 1 or 2 spoonfuls of powdered milk? Just a little suggestion in passing.

P.S.: I’ll be coming out with new flavours over the next few weeks, including options for parents as well as some made with coffee and others that are high in protein for all the athletes out there.